Friday, June 22, 2012

Link Up Friday! :)


Dear Blog,
I have been super crappy to you lately. I'm trying to find time for you, I really am. I'm sorry.

Dear Bloggy friends,
I'm sorry for not commenting more. I do read when I can. I suck. I'm sorry, feel free to tell me how bad I suck.

Dear Twitter,
I'm sorry you have now become nothing but Instagram pictures and textagrams. I like pictures.

Dear Work,
You are killing me. I love you and all the people there, but mama needs a day off.

Dear Kid,
You need to use the potty. pull ups are getting costy and I hate wiping up shit.

Dear RedLine,
I heart you, You keep mama going. 

young and restless

That Friday Blog Hop


J said...

I'll let you slide on the whole "only posting IG pics to your twitter account" but only because I love your photos! ;-)

Have a good weekend!

Amber said...

I STILL cannot bring myself to jump on the twitter wagon... between Instagram, FB, the blog, etc... 1 more Social Media and I may have to check myself in someplace!

I have to try the RedLine... I am in serious need of more energy than my coffee can give me!

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