Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Pup...

Hi I'm taking a note from Mrs.Monologues and writing my pup a memo for his bad behavior.

Mrs. Monologues

Dear Sargy Pargy, 

You were a very cute and shy puppy when we got you at 6 weeks old. You were sweet and loving and did nothing but lay around and cuddle. 
You were take my breath away cute. 
Please take a look at the picture below and remember. 

But now your behavior has gotten you outside for the time being. 
You behavior if you don't already know, which I don't think you do because you keep repeating them, are as follows:
peeing in the floor
( you have gotten poppin's for this many times. It is not okay to be outside all day and then come in the house to pee. Not cool kid.)
chewing on shoes. 
( they are not your shoes to chew on. Us people have to have these shoes to walk around in. Sorry we are not as cool as you dogs and have soft things on our feet to keep our feet from hurting. And I kinda need my work shoes, they  won't let me have a job if I don't have them. )
And the latest thing, chewing and eating used diapers. 
( this is just gross. It makes the house stink and you stink. And we all know how much you hate baths. Also makes me wanna puke. )

If you continue to do these said behaviors you will be sleeping/sending all your time outside. The house is for good, clean, non peeing in the floor puppies. 

Love you very much, but am super mad at you, 

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tara said...

Uh oh!!! Naughty pup!!

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