Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Wish List

Everyone has a wish list. You know, things you wish for in life.
Well here's mine:

.I wish for once it to be sunny on my day off.
How's a girl suppose to get a tan around here with no sun. It's always sunny on days I have to work.

.I wish to be able to dress like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl on a daily bases. 

. I wish I could eat donuts every day and never have to work out. 
Every girls dream right? LOL.

. I wish one day to be blog famous. 

. I wish to have hair that is perfectly messy. 
You know what I mean. Hair that looks good with just a brushing. 

. I wish to one day have my dream house. 
Nothing too big or fancy. 
isn't this the cutest house ever!

. I wish to be able to raise my child to be a good person. and not too messed up. 

What do you wish for?


tara said...

I would LOVE to have Blair's wardrobe!!

Barfly said...

Me too!! All of those.

Melissa said...

i love your wishes! im with you on most of them especially the hair and not raising messed up children! :)

rebecca said...

The donut one had me cracking up!!!! Love that. I'm so stealing it. And I wish for pretty much everything you said too. Nice house, no money worries, perfect hair, an awesome wardrobe.... oh a girl can dream

Mrs. Monologues said...

I agree about Blairs closet, I would totally hurt someone to get access to it.

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