Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Egg, I mean Photo, Drop.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter.
We did and I got the pictures to prove it LOL.
Here they are.
We colored eggs the day before. 
Tell me that's not excitement. 

The next morning the Easter Bunny came and left a basket. 

The Easter Bunny brought Play Dough, which daddy liked a lot. 

We played on the slide. 

We ate lots of food. 
I don't know what I was doing back there. 

She has gotten so good at drinking from open cups. 

Me and my cousins. I love those girls. 

Then we hunted eggs. 
She started off trying to take Jr's(little boy that was there) eggs out of his basket, Then she started trying to put eggs in his basket. 
But she finally got it LOL. 

Daddy was a good helper. 

The whole gang. At least the ones that showed. 

She was so excited about the water. 

She would only go ankle deep. But she had a ball. 

Scotty had to go out and test the water. 

We do this every year and it never gets old. 
We're just a bunch of country girls playing in the water. 

I could go do this every day. I had so much fun. 

I had to share this picture again. 
He just looks so damn good right there. 

Bye until next time Loves!

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