Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SO gosh darn hot for March!

In Georgia we are known for our summer heat. But never has it been this hot in damn March.
We are hitting the 80s already.
Normally we go through what we call " blackberry winter" during March. It's a time of the year where it gets kinda warm and them boom cold again.
Not this year. We didn't get any snow this year, not even ice. It always at least ices over in Georgia.
I don't even know how I'm going to survive this summer. Last year I almost died. It was sooo hot.
This year we do have a plan though!
We are going to move the whole living room down to the basement.
Too bad it won't be this pretty. 
Our basement needs a lot of work and love. 
But we are planning on moving the couches and the TV down there. Last year the living room was the hottest place in the house. 

We will be rocking the kiddie pool. 
Poor Skylee last year it got so hot I couldn't let her outside because it was unhealthy (the news said it, so it has to be true).

I'll def want this tops for Target to help me stay cool!

Target also has flip flops for $5!
And I guess my feet will be touching nothing but flip flops all summer. 
Stupid work makes me wear real shoes. Boo them!

Hows's the weather y'all's way?
How will you be beating the heat this summer?


Jennifer said...

I wish it would at least get into the 60's here in Oregon. Usually it is by now but yesterday it SNOWED!! I looove those tops from Target.

Heather said...

It'll definitely be hot here in So. Cal. We'll have to be at the pool or in the a.c. all summer. Moving your living room to the basement is a great idea. I love those tops too. At least the heat gives us excuses to wear cute things like that, right?!

tara said...

those tops are so cute! its been hot here too, but its almost always hot here!

tara said...

those tops are so cute! its been hot here too, but its almost always hot here!

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