Thursday, March 29, 2012

Celly Pictures!

Happy Thursday. We are just that much closer to Friday. Too bad I gotta work this weekend. BOOOOO!

Now here's some pictures!

I found this picture on my hubs phone. It's me getting my tattoo. 

I added some blonde highlights to my hair. 
I feel so much more summery now. 

We took a family trip to Summit Sunday. 
It's a place were they sale nothing but car stuff. The hubs was in heaven. 
And Skylee loved this racing game!

Sookie got spayed yesterday. Poor puppy looked so bad. 
Skylee liked playing nurse. 

I also got a new button. 
You can find the code on the right hand side. 
Add me to your blog roll. 
Let me now and I'll add you to mine!

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1 comment:

Billie said...

New visitor, nice blog you have here. Your daughter looks like she's having fun taking care of the dog. Feel free to swing by.

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