Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why I don't Curl My Hair!

I'm a lazy bitch with a lot of hair. Period. There you go, that's it.
I have have way too much hair to be standing there for 2 hours with a hot rod twisted up in my hair.
Good for all you gals who can though. Big props!
This is me curling my hair.
This is how we start off. 
Tired of the Duck Face yet?
Not me. LMAO!
Pretty Curls.
And we end with this.
I still didn't do my whole head. LOL.
My arm started to hurt. 
And I got real things to do. Like take pictures of myself. DUH!

OK are you seeing my problem?
My lips to do that now. 
But one day it will make me famous. 
And you will be jealous. 

If you like to Duck Face. 
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Krista said...

this is the same reason i dont straighten my hair. too lazy.

tara said...

I'm too lazy to curl my hair. Takes forever! Your hair does look really cute curled though!

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