Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The LivingRoom MakeOver!

so This weekend was pretty awesome, other than Sunday ( I'll tell ya all about that later,)
Saturday we did so much!
1st the hubs cooked our breakfast and let me sleep in for a whole hour! Hot damn I know it was awesome!
Then we went and bought some food for the house and then went and bought some stuff for the living room.
Let me back track a little. During the week the hubs went and bought a sectional couch off Craigslist.
So here is what we did the the living room.
ok bad picture I guess I really didn't take any pictures of it. 


Yep we went animal Print!!! I so freakin love it. 

Look at that Zebra Rug bitches!!!
And there's even a cute animal laying on the couch. 

Before all we had were the leather chair and couch with a crap coffee table, TV, TV stand.
we have another couch, rug, ottoman, pillows, pictures, curtains, and a throw blanket. 
Everything was under $400. 
We are awesome thrifty shoppers!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about us going to the CLUB!!!


tara said...

ooohhh! i LOVE the animal print! :)

rebecca said...

I love the new living room look. I just re-arranged our bedroom this weekend :) Something must be in the water..lol

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