Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sleepy Saturdays {2}


It's that time again. For a cuteness over load for sleeping babies. I got a few comments last week that y'all wanted it to be a link up.
So ya got it, link up is here.
Grab and button and show us your sleeping pictures!

That's my sleeping puggy. She think my pillow is her pillow.

She doesn't take a nap anymore, so she just kinda falls out where ever she is. 

She looks so comfy here. 

Now show me your Sleeping Babies! 


Rachel said...

I actually made it to one of your link ups this week! Woohoo for Saturdays and no work!

THE mom said...

Oh I miss my puggy now :(
Sweet sleeping faces!

THE mom said...

well not actually "faces" lol but u know what I mean LOL

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