Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our New Years Re Cap

For New Year Eve we ventured out to the thousands for of people in Atlanta to see the Peach drop.

We got to Underground Atlanta around 5pm. 

We did some site seeing. 

everyone who went with us from left to right:
me, hubby, bro in law Billy, brother Sam, his gf Rhonda, friend Jessica and her bf Corey. 

I was so cute dress in my grey and blue jeans and awesome boots. 
Behind me in the Peach. 

There's the Peach. Atlanta started the Peach drop in 1989, the year I was born! I'm so proud to be a Georgia Peach. 

This is the giant peanut butter cup we bought at Underground. 
It was so big I couldn't finish it. Sadz. 

ME and my brother taking pictures together. We haven't had any together since we were kids. 

Me and the hubs. Doesn't he look so happy. 
He was eating his giant peanut butter cup too. 

Random leggings aren't pants picture!!!!
Girls they just aren't pants!!!!

Watching one of the many bands that were playing all over the place. 

The Peach at night. So prettiez!!

MY 1st time buying food out of a food truck. Super exciting shit. Got a $2 hotdog!!

The people are starting to pill in now. 

We are pretty packed in there. 

All in all it was a awesome night. 
Happy 2012 people!!!


Nikki said...

Great pictures! It looks like you had a fun New Years Eve. That ginormous peanut butter cup looks awesome!

Christine Thomas said...

Looks like a really fun night!

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