Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our 1st Hair Cut

This is my shaggy hair baby. 

We had a 1st hair cut Saturday. 

She wasn't too sure about all of it at 1st. 
I don't think she was even too happy about 
her sucker.

But in the end she did great. 

Now she is my hair cut big girl. I wanna cry. When did she grow up? When did she need a hair cut? I wasn't for this. Hubs was like we gotta do and even got the hair stylist on his side. Damn him for being able to con woman into things. You see how he got me to marry he now, don't you? LOL.
But back to how I feel. 
I wanna cry like for real. The whole time I was being calm and telling her it was ok and telling her how pretty she was. I wanted to cry. I wanted to break down into big crocodile tears. She's not suppose to be getting hair cuts right now. She is suppose to be the sweet little baby who I used to call half a dumplin' because she wasn't big enough to be the whole dumplin'. 
I'm a proud mama that she was so good during the whole thing. 
But really where is special gift for sucking it up and taking that my baby is no longer a baby. 
She gotta new princess book. 
I deserve something to not losing my mind. She is no longer my baby. She's a hair cutting, must have nails painted, and smell good spray on big girl, toddler. 
She already goes in her room and shuts the door. And when I open it to check on her,
she tells me to "Shut it Mama!"
Good God what do I have in store for myself?

We got this cute card for her 1st hair cut :

It's got 1st curl in it. So cute!


Mason's Mama said...

Awwww! I know the feeling! How old is she?

tara said...

Awww she is so precious! :)

rebecca said...

That is too cute! My daughter is 5 and still hasn't gone for a hair cut yet. I can't wait til she needs one. Her hair grows really slow. But so precious and a great memory

Sharisse Lopez said...

We got to Great Clips, too. It's the closest one within walking distance. I do my own hair because I have so much and don't trust much of anyone too it, but they've been cutting my daughter's for a year now. I'm glad I'm not the only one who's daughter could walk & talk before the first hair cut...

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