Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrapping is hard work for a White girl.

That's right I wrapped all those gifts. I'm awesome like that, but boy was it hard. 
The night before that picture I taken I was in the middle of the floor covered the paper and tape. My legs were cramping, my back was hurting, I thought I would die. 
But it's all pretty now and that's all that counts. Not the pain in my back that hasn't gone away. 
I feel so much stress to make everything look awesome. I feel like I'm competing  with all you awesome crafty bitches who make their own bows out of old trash bags or something. 
Just to let you know, if you can make ugly things pretty, I hate you and your glue gun. 
My wrapping sucks, I get glue everywhere every time I use a glue gun, me and glitter are a mess from hell, and don't get me started with my baking skills. 
I like store bought decorations and little debby cakes. I leave all the crafty, yummy shit to the bitch who know what their doing. 
Merry Christmas!

Are you good at wrapping?
Do you suck balls like I do?


tara said...

Lol. I suck at wrapping!!! So I always put presents in gift bags!

kelsey said...

they look good in the pic! & your tree is cool =] i also suck at wrapping. it takes too long! but hey they're just gunna rip it off anyway right!

Sarah said...

i suck, half my gifts are in bags BUT half are homemade (sewn, crocheted, baked) so I don't feel too bad about throwing them in bags

oh i am a new follower from Y&R

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