Tuesday, December 13, 2011

She Grows so Fast.

Being a mommy is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
My 2 year old daughter is just amazing. Yes a hand full and more, but amazing non the less.

She went from being a cute little ball, that needed me for everything. 

To a big girl who thinks she can do it all on her own. 

I feel bad sometimes when I look at her. 
I feel bad for not taking more pictures. 
for not spending more time with her.
for not holding onto every moment with her. 

She has turned into this whole person. 
She has her own opinions, talks more words than I thought I ever taught her. 
She knows right from wrong, even if she doesn't always choose right. 
She says thanks yous and pleases. 
She is scared of the dark and being left behind. 
She love to eat cereal and cookie. She would eat nothing but if she had her way. 

She's my " boo boo baby" and she's tell you that. 

1 comment:

tara said...

She is too cute!!

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