Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas Re-Cap.

Warning Picture Over Load!!!

The hubs woke me up at 8:00am Christmas morning. Skylee wasn't even awake yet.
This is skylee waiting to go into the living room to see hat Santa brought her. 
Haha I don't know where that ball came from.
1st toy she opened was her Dora kitchen. She didn't too much care to open anymore after that. 
After some coaching she really got into it. 
She also got her 1st Barbie this year! Big moment in a little girls life. 
She also got a mickey and minie mouse dolls. 
loads of coloring books and markers. 
backpacks, and shoes. 
Loads of clothes, which when she opened she didn't give a crap about. LOL. 

After Skylee opened all her's it was our time. 
The hubs got to open his tool set Christmas eve night. 
Just like I got to open my new digital camera. 
Get ready for some awesome pictures!
I got him some pretty cool house shoes!
I also got him a T shirt from his favorite show. 
He also got Lion King on blu ray. His favorite Disney movie. 
I got some new ear rings, some brackets, some hot play boy bunny knee high socks, my new camera of course, and this awesome shirt. 
How cool is that?!
Also mom came me a gift card so I bought this. 
I like to make cleaning easy!

Then the in-laws come over from my gift opening and eating. 

Then we ended the night with a movie after everyone went home. 

I love Christmas, but I'm super happy it's over!


tara said...

Your baby girl is so cute! Looks like a great christmas!

jessi ♥ said...

Great photos Nikki! Looks like Skylee got spoiled :o)

I am also glad Christmas is over, even though i really love it haha!

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