Saturday, December 31, 2011

New things coming to the blog.

As you know here I have Duck Face Mondays.


Now I have another awesome thing planned. 
I don't know if I'll make it a link up at 1st, but if enough people like it then I will. 
Saturdays starting next Saturday will be:
Sleepy Saturdays. 


I also don't know which button I'm going to use yet either. 
I was hoping y'all would tell me which one y'all like more. 
Vote Now!!!

Sleepy Saturday will be a post I do showing you pictures of my sleeping babies. 
And if you decide to do a post also you would post pictures of your sleeping babies. 
By babies I mean kids, dogs, cats, hubbies, or even yourself. 

I find that my daughter and puppy are so cute when they are sleeping that i just wanna show everyone. And it's super funny to find them sleeping in a weird way/places. 

Hope you like my ideas.
Also if I turn it into a link up I'll be looking for a co host. 
And it may be you!

What do you think? 


rebecca said...

I think thats a very cute idea :)

Rachel said...

Go for it! It sounds cute and I have some sleepy pictures that I can use already!

Vicki said...

I love this idea!!!! And I love the sleeping beauty button it's so pretty!!!

jessi ♥ said...

I like the sleeping beauty button :0) hehe

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