Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Daughter (Guest post)

My Daughter
Post contributed by Hilton Miranda
My daughter recently graduated from college and is moving into a house of her own. She will finally be responsible for all of her own bills. She did a great job of finding a house to rent by herself. The house is really cute, in a safe area, and is close to her job. I am trying to let her be as independent as she wants to be. However, she has never had to set up her own utilities before. All of the apartments she lived in during college already had utilities set up. She said that she has figured out almost everything. She just needs to set up her cable and did not know where to start. She wants to have a package similar to me. I told her to go to and look at the packages they have available. She should be able to find something that she can afford that also includes all of the channels she wants. She has not asked me about it again so I am assuming that she was able to get it set up. My daughter is finally a grown up and I am so proud of her!

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