Friday, October 7, 2011

Tantrum Break Down

I have been dying to be able to sleep in past 8am. With working or taking care of the house and family, I get really tired.

And with Skylee acting like a brat, isn't helping much at all.
Last night, I hit a new low.
We didn't leave the house to around 7pm to just run out and pick up a few things. Skylee fell asleep in the car and we woke her up to into the dollar store.
She throw fits over bears and balls. Then hubs gives me the money and leaves me alone with a cranky kid. While checking out I'm trying to put bags back into the cart, while she is screaming over a balloon.
I finally get her out with a color book and back into the car.
We stop by walmart for some over things and the tantrum level is building. She is right now a ticking time bomb of little girl tantrum.
I pick her up a hair brush, we lost hers and she hates mine so I give in. She hod the brush and starts trying to get the brush out of the packaging. I take the brush away and BOOOOOM! She explodes! Screaming at the top of her lungs and turning all red. We are in the brush area by ourselves or so I thought.
Here comes my low, wait for it ...
I raise my voice, okay I damn right yell at her,
yep I said it.
And not only does it make you feel bad to lose your own temper at your darling little one (even when they're not so darling) is having someone see you do it.
As I'm saying this I'm coming around a corner to see this woman staring at me in horrible. You would have thought I just stab my daughter and this woman seen it.
At this point there's nothing I can do but keep walking with my head down.
I felt/feel so bad for acting that. I'm always seeing things like that myself in stores and saying I'm never going to do that. And last night I was that woman.
" Why do kids hate Walmart? Because every time you go in there you see some kid getting their ass beat"


Anonymous said...

It happens to the best of us. Im sure she will forgive you. I jump through hoops to avoid taking my kids into any store. Lol. It's easier that way.

Destiny said...

Your first mistake is taking a grumpy kid anywhere...just don't do it. And if you are in the store and it happens leave all your shit and take the kid out. You giving in is the worst choice.

Chrissy said...

I agree, it does happen to the best of us. But I also agree with Destiny. Leave your shit and walk out. I have so done that and my daughter knows that the second she starts to act like a little terrorist she is going to sit her unhappy ass in the car with daddy. And if its just me and her, we leave. Sorry you had a shit day...

Mad Mind said...

I have just dropped everything and walked out. Many times. I find it easier than trying to live with my shame. I have to say though I fully understand.

Impulsive Addict said...

We've all lost our temper and said things we shouldn't. You're just admitting it and we're not. I totally have said things to my daughter that I immediately wish I could take back. And then I feel horrible.

I'm sure the lady was older. Those older ladies always think we younger adults are loose cannons anyway, right?

Stopping by via Boobies! Have a great weekend!

RAY J said...

I hear ya. Jay's getting to that point where he's either my best little shopping buddy or a total nightmare. Usually if he has something to play with he's fine, but last week for hubby's little sis's bday we were shopping & of course I didn't want him tearing open & chewing on her presents... he threw a fit when I wouldn't let him play with them (card, bag, tissue, nail Polish, lip gloss...) I got him to.calm down finally but still... so frustrating! The lady at the checkout commented "oh is someone hungry?" And I'm like no, he wants to "play" with all the items that are gifts. (And why do they always assume the baby is hungry if they're upset?!)

Liz Taylor said...

Girl I'm thinking of you, wow :/

Ashley said...

Ok I somehow lost your blog in my reader but found it again. Phew! :) This made me laugh out loud. I know it was horrible for you but know you are not alone, we all lose it on our kids! Sucks when someone catches you but what can you do. The Walmart comment also made me crack up, so true. That is the main place for beat downs! Good news is that Skylee is too little to remember any of this shit! ha

Short Leg Lucy said...

we're human - this stuff happens. yesterday, I called Jose a pussy in front of maia - and she repeated it for the rest of the day *face palm*

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