Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK :

to not wanna go to work after 2 days off. 

to not wanna clean because it's just going to get dirty again 

to love you TV time more than any other time of the day. I'm loving the fall line up. 

to be upset because you didn't get to see Lion King in 3D. Just don't have $40 to pay for a freakin' 3D movie. 

to be super excited that Wal-mart is bring layaway back. I heard it was Oct 17th I'm going to go and ask though because I'm scared I might be getting lead on. Anyone else heard this?

to wake up and get scared because you woke yourself up and not the kid waking you up. I left her window open last night so it wouldn't get so hot in her room and I feared she might have fallen out of it ( even thought she can't reach the window, kids are sneaky). She was safe sleeping in her bed.  

What is OK with your Thursday?!


Chrissy said...

I so hear you on not cleaning the house cuz it will just get dirty again! haha Story of our lives right...

Pamela said...

Oh gosh, I am totally with you on seeing Lion King in 3D! It's so dang expensive! We hardly even go see a movie that isn't 3D, because it's still expensive ha

Caroline said...

I heard they were releasing the Lion King on BluRay now. I just might have to get that!

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