Friday, September 23, 2011

Google Problems

So I have been setting here for about a hour or longer trying to change everything from on gmail address to another. And I have found out that there is no way to change everything. Like my blogger is under my old gmail address. I had to make a new Google+ account. My phone is being stupid and wont add on my new gmail account.
Not only am I having problems with my email, I can't find the google+ app for my phone. It's not in the market, it won't let me download from the web. If you were on twitter last night thank you for trying to help me out. Even with the links that were sent me, I still couldn't get it. I'm thinking it's just my phone being old ( We bought new phones in Feb and they are already out dated, just my luck. ).
I hate the new facebook, I don't even like looking at it on the computer. I want everyone to move to google+, but google needs to stop being so damn picky and let me just simply change the email address on my account. Not everyone likes the 1st one they made, if you do then you're lucky and I hate you.
Come on Google I like you, you just need to get the the program!

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