Friday, September 2, 2011

Fawk You / Stalk me Friday

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I wanna start by saying 
Fawk you hubs job (again). These people just keep making me wanna go up there and start yelling at everyone. But whats that going to help right. It'll sure as hell make me feel better. 
Yesterday as you know was the hubs and I's 2nd year wedding anniversary. The hubs just told the asshole he calls boss that he needed to go home on time for once. 
( hubs goes into work at 4:30am, he's suppose to get off at 2:30pm. Well he gets off about 4 or 5 pm. He is paid salary and doesn't get over time. He is suppose to be off Saturdays and Sundays, he only gets off on Sundays. )
Hubs tells him this anniversary is the that day and needs to be home on time. Boss says sure thing. He didn't get home until 4pm. 
What the hell? He doesn't get paid to open the shop and close it. As soon as hubs finds a new job this company will be getting sued. They own hubs so much over time money it isn't even funny. 

Fawk you Brother in law that got fired for stealing. I'm not going to go into details. But he has been making payments to us for a car we are selling him and now he doesn't have a job. We are taking the car back just until he gets another job. He will also be living with us until he is on his feet. All this is cool, I don't mind helping, even though he did a stupid thing. The thing is is pissing me off is the fact that his car payments was helping us pay our truck payments. Now we have to shit out some much money to help him and pay our truck payment. I'm really praying so hard that Sears calls me back telling me I got the job. We really need the money now. 

Okay done with all my Fawks for the day, on to the stalking. 

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Happy Friday People!


DazzleMea said...

Salary jobs are such bullshit! My husband used to be on salary and similar shit would happen to us. And they use you any chance they get...ugh!

Sending job vibes your way and hoping things get better for you!

Anonymous said...

That REALLY sucks! We should all just be born rich and no one should have to work. The world would be a much better place, I say!

As for your brother in law...not cool at all...especially since that's going to cause you to take a hit.

Fingers crossed you get a call back for the job!

Marisa said...

That sucks bawls! Hope the hubs finds new employment soon, so y'all can sue the shit outta them.

Ladii said...

That sucks hun Hope you get the Job Too... and the Mr.'s Job OMG I HATE THEM they suck Monkey Balls If they didnt have GREAT Benefits an AWSOME work schedule and OK pay! Hed be some where else!

Lady goo goo gaga said...

That's too bad - it's a bad week for everyone I guess - we are dealing with hurricane stuff here in CT - coupled with the bad economy - and back to school - ugh......

Silverfaerie said...

My b/f works at a job kind of like that, he's salary but goes in early every morning. He's told me about how much he used to work, but I guess now he won't stay that late....

Definitely hope he finds something else where he is more appreciated, and at least compensated for the extra time.

Good luck on the Sear's thing too...and just for the record, little brothers never stop being a nuisance....mine drives me insane. We're actually not talking right now, and won't until he decides to get his head out of his ass. I'm figuring it'll be 20-30 years before that happens. I totally feel your pain.

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