Friday, September 30, 2011

Boob Tube Babble

Boob Tube Babble

I have been so excited about the Fall line up, but I'm also missing my summer line up. 
Here is a list of the shows I'm going to miss:

Teen Mom
True Blood
Big Brother

Now here's a list of the shows I'm already in love with:

The Playboy Club
2 Broke Girls
Terra Nova
New Season of Empire Boardwalk
Death Valley
New Season of Sons of Anarchy 

Shows I'm still looking forward too:

The Walking Dead
New season of Awkward


Carly Ann said...

Ah! I have been trying to keep up with the new fall shows and I forgot all about Playboy Club!! Better get that on my DVR IMMEDIATELY!

jess ♥ said...

I've been loving up Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and now Private Practice. I'm gonna miss True Blood and Teen Mom too!!

Jennifer said...

I already miss Awkward! It was the highlight of every Tuesday, and Matty and Jenna need to get back together!

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