Friday, August 12, 2011

Just because it's Diet/Fat Free doesn't mean ...

you can eat the whole thing.

I know we have all has this thought, it says it's fat free so I can eat more of it. But we also know it's not true. The words fat free, diet, and sugar free really fool us.
So I decided to make a list for you to help you out the next time you're standing in front of the sugar free cookie.

  • Just because the cream cheese tub says fat free doesn't mean you can eat the whole tub. It's still cream cheese. 
  • Yep those cookies say sugar free, but have you took a look at the cals. 
  • Just because they are "diet" brownies doesn't mean buy them and eat them all in one day. ( I so have a problem with this one)

Next time you're eating out remember:

  • A diet coke does not make that double cheese burger any better. ( how many time have you seen this happen LOL. I'm so guilty.)
  • Yes you did have a chicken salad for dinner to help you lose weigh. No that does not mean have that huge chocolaty sunday for dessert and still think you're going to lose that extra 10 pounds. 
  • Yep you order a salad that does not mean you can throw in a half pound of bacon and a gallon of blue cheese dressing on top of it and still think it's healthy.   

Thank you for reading.
What was your last healthy eating slip up?

1 comment:

Liz Taylor Training said...

So true honey. also another FYI - lower fat usually has more carbs.

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