Friday, August 5, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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So not much going on this week. In our house anyways. We are just getting through the week and happy as hell to see next week come so we ca hit the beach and bars. ( ok so know y'all are tired of hearing about my vacation. Well get used to it for now. I have never been on a vacation with just me and the hubs before. It's exciting. )

But in the in-laws house we got a sickness going on.
The father in law has chronic pancreatitis. We were all freaking out thinking it might lead to cancer or something. But good ol' google told me otherwise.
His still not feeling the best and has to go back to the doc the 17th of this month.
Please pray that they caught this thing early and everything can be handled.

So here you go
Fawk You  Chronic Pancreatitis, just go away!

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