Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dora Room Make Over

After Skylee's birthday party, I moved the decorations I made into her room to turn her room into her dream Dora room.

I used the HAPPY part of the Happy Birthday banner I made along with the stars. I also set the cupcake stand on top of her dresser. I hung up some of her Dora stuff like the dress Granny gave her or her birthday.
This is her bed with her new Dora blanket and her Dora dolls.

New addition as of last night ....

The toddler bed.
More on that tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!


Liz Taylor Training said...

So cute Nik, great job. All of my friends who have kids - they are all obsessed with Dora!

Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

So cute! We skipped the toddler bed because Emma is freakishly tall, lol!

rebecca said...

Too cute. My little girl used to love Dora. She wanted Dora so much as a decor and now I'm glad we didn't because now she says Dora is for babies and Disney Princess is for big girls

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