Friday, August 26, 2011

Boob Tube Babble Big Brother Style

Boob Tube Babble

Last night on Big Brother was the double eviction. 

Spoiler Alert Coming, if you haven't seen it don't read any more ...

Dani got sent packing. I really hate that this happened. I'm a huge fan of the game and I love to see people play it hard and fight every second. Dani was a great player ( not as good as her dad, but still ). I loved that she rocked the house and kept the drama going. Without her there I don't know who to root for. 
I'm happy Jeff is gone. I like him yea, but Dani was right with him and Jordan there no one else had a chance at winning. And this season Jeff became a big bully. 
Adam, OMG that bitch! I really liked Adam at the beginning. He was all "METALLLLLL" and what not. Then it's like he crawled up Jeff's ass and fell in love. He did whatever Jeff told him to do. He has no mind of his own, totaly ass muncher. I have no idea what his going to do without Jeff there to tell him what to do. Maybe he'll make a decision on his own for once. 
Well Porsche finally won something, then didn't do any damn thing with it. Yes the votes went they way I wanted them to, but still. She has been bitching about not winning anything and then she does and does even use it. I don't even think she knows she's playing a game.   

Wonder what will happen Sunday. I won't miss it. 


Twisted Mummy said...

OMG I totally agree with you. I was SP sad to see Dani go LOVE HER! Can't wait for Sunday either!

Neely said...

I have never watched BB but thanks for linking up!!

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