Sunday, July 10, 2011

Robert Pattinson's Crazy New Look

Robert Pattinson has always had some crazy hair, but this weekend he was spotted with some an even crazier new look.

In the past Rob has had some really wild hair. His sported many styles, all with their own name like : Wavy Forest ( Rob's favorite ), The Cullen Poof, Windswept What the Fuck, and the Controlled Chaos. Rob is even known to just wash his hair with just water to keep that dirty bed head look.
His even changed his hair color. He is a natural dark head, but we have seen him change it up to red head.
But this newest look trumps them all.
With half of his head shaved and the other half long and wavy. But don't freak, it's all for a movie role his doing. Rob is currently shooting a thriller called Cosmopolis. The hair is do to the role his playing. In the movie the character freaks out during a hair cut and runs out half way through the cut. Hints why Rob's head is half shaved.
This isn't the 1st time his cut his hair for a role. In Water for Elephants his sporting a shorter look.

Good thing the new look is just for a movie. The half shaved head may be a good look for some, okay no one, but it's surety not for Rob. Lets grow it back out those lovely locks Rob, please!

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