Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I think We're doing something wrong.

Okay So I started off today wanting to do a post about our move and show off the house a little. But my phone decided it wasn't going to send pictures today I guess.
So I'm starting a new post now.
It's about condoms. Yep those things men hate to use and woman hate to hear about. It Casa B. we have stop using the birth control pill because of the side effects I was getting from them. My sex drive was gone. Like it flew out the window and never looked back. That put a big problem in our marriage. We went through some really hard times. some really bad fights, and thought of divorce.
We wanted to try everything we could before making a huge choice to end it. So I went off the pill and we started using condoms.
We do NOT wanna get pregnant again. One is enough for us. Right now we just don't have the money for another baby. And MTV is hiring 20 something married couples for a show. If they are and you know something sign me up! LOL.
The thing with condoms is the hubs hates buying them. He sends me to the condom section of Wal-mart. So I get to hang with the scared teenage boys. Sometimes I talk really loud about condoms to make the hubs turn red.
Now I'm to the best when it come to condom use.   Me and the hubs never used them because from the beginning we wanted a baby. So using them now is kinda weird for us. And it seems that just about everyone we use breaks. It's the scariest thing. We for the pass couple weeks we have been having some issues in the bedroom. We did find that the normal condoms, i.e. not the Trojan Ecstacy, don't break.
We are still looking for "our" condom, I guess you can say. I just would hate to have to go back on the pill. I was thinking of many trying to non hormonal IUD, but my insurance doesn't cover it.
I want the hubs to get a vasectomy. His not so sure about the idea. But I think I can talk him into it.   

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