Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Blog : Dreams From My Pen.

I have been a writer sense high school. I have a little over 5 notebooks full of poetry and short stories. Most have never been been seen by a very close friends. We used to have a thing where we would write in our notebooks and between classes we would switch notebooks and read and leave comments under the poem. Those were good time. But I'm not in high school anymore. My friends are mostly away at college and many, many miles away. SO switching notebooks isn't in my life anymore.
But I have started a new blog. This is still my main blog I care so much about this blog and my readers. But this new blog, Dreams From My Pen, is a place for my to grow in my skill. I place to let out my creative writer side.
I will be posting a story written in poetry style bits and pieces and chapters at a time. It's a romantic, zombie, horror. And I hope you all like it. I do enjoy and welcome comments good or bad. Like I said I'm putting my work out there to expand my talent ( or at least I think it's a talent LOL).
So check it out and follow me, Dreams From My Pen.

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