Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just About SOLD

Well at the beginning of the week we put our house up for sale. We are now working with a sweet old lady with buying it and getting into the community. The community here is being a pain in the butt, but other than that it seems to be going well.
We are looking at places and have a few in mind. I can't wait to start taking tours of  places as soon as this weekend. We have one place in mind that we love. But the deal with it is that right now it's a 2 bedroom, but the owner is working on making it a 3 bedroom. So if we get it now the rent will be a good set price for the 1st year. Then after that year and that 3rd room is added in the rent will go up. We don't wanna have to move again in a year because of the rent going up. So that took that house from a sure thing to a i don't know kinda thing.
I hate the fact I gotta start packing soon. I hate packing, always have. I don't even like packing for a weekend trip or something like that. I always forget something.
So right now we are back in the waiting period. We are waiting to see if the woman buying our place is accepted into the community. Then we have to work something our with our deposit. After that we should be green lighted and moving.
Wish us luck!


Sleppery said...

Good luck! I hope your community gives you the go ahead ^^

TexaGermaNadian said...

Moving is the worse, but it will nice to have a good clean start. Best of luck selling your place!

Ashley said...

Hey good luck! How exciting, I love the newness of moving. How great to have a buyer already for your place the first week?!

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