Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Thank You to all my Followers

I am now up to 101 followers. That is a place I thought I would never get to. I never thought my life would be so interesting that people would wanna read about it. LOL! But I guess it is because you all are here.
I thank all of you for reading. This blog keeps me going sometimes when I feel all alone. I know I can come here, write it all out and y'all will be here for me. Thank y'all so much with all my heart!
A heads up on what's coming up in this wonderful bloggy of mine. I have two new reviews coming up and a new giveaway in the works. I will be posting coupons along with my reviews so stay tuned.

And I would like to throw out a quick pray for the people of Japan. They are going through a really hard time and have lost many. I pray that they lose no more and that we can help them all we can so that they can rebuild and move on from this horrible time. I also pray that people back here and get in contact with their family back in Japan. God bless them.

Nikki Darlin'

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