Monday, March 14, 2011

Perparing to Cloth Potty Train.

We have been taking a break from potty training to regroup. I needed to find another way to train that was right for us. I just couldn't see paying $10 for pull-ups when we were just going to throw them away. I didn't wanna pay a lot of money for something we could be using for a while. And the cost of pull-ups adds up quick. And I just couldn't see Skylee seeing them as anything other than a pretty diaper.

So I did some looking around and found these Gerber cloth training pants. Gerber is a good company I trust so I order this pack of three and I plan on ordering more soon. I also plan on order some of Gerber's waterproof pants too.

Along with ordering those I order a travel potty seat. It's called Mommy's Helper. I just hated the idea of putting my little baby on a big ol' dirty public potty. So I was so happy I found this. I can't wait until I get it. It even founds up to fit into the diaper bag.
So once I have all these thing ordered and in, we'll start training again. Looking forward to it.
Has anyone else ever cloth potty trained? How did it go?


Summer Dawn said...

I use these cloth undies for my 2 year old daughter, Scarlett. I love them because she isn't really ready to potty train, but I use them when we are home to save money on diapers. I change them when she pees but they keep in most of the wetness so I dont have to change her pants too often.

Good luck,


stash mama said...

we started potty training...was going well she'll poppy in the potty but not pee.. I don't know what to try but this looks interesting

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