Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movie Review : Rango

The hubby, little girl and I went to the Drive In and saw this last weekend. I was super excited to see a movie with Johnny Depp in it. He is always good in animated movies. And this one is no different. Starts off super funny and showing where "Rango" came from and how he got to the wild wild west. He comes to the town of Dirt and becomes their sheriff/hero. The story goes on to tell us how the town of Dirt is running out of water. And Rango is there to save the town.
It starts to drag on a little, but still kept me watching. The laughs come and go as the story goes on. A sweet romance comes along and makes you laugh and say "Awww". And like most children movies it ended with a happy birthday.
Once the "action" started by the middle of the movie I found it draggy. I thought it went on just a little too long. But other than that fact, I found it to be a really cute movie.

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