Thursday, March 17, 2011

Darlin Review : Purex Complete with Zout

So you're asking, what is Purex Complete with Zout Nikki?
Well it is Purex's newest detergent with their stain fighting Zout added. Purex says it works against grass, blood, chocolate, tomato sauce, and thicker foods like ice cream and BBQ sauce. It's available in two different fragrances; Fresh Morning Burst and Free and Clear ( fragrance free ).
So I put the stain fightingness  of this new 2 in 1 to the test.
I put my best stain maker on the job. She enjoyed a nice bowl of Spaghetti -O's in her cute pink and purple shirt.
This is what we started with here. A pretty tough tomato sauce stain.

I pre-treated it like the bottle said. And after the 5 minutes it says to wait I throw the shirt into the wash.
And this is what came out. The stain is still there. So I don't see how this worked to well on tomato sauce stains. I'm not a big fan here. Maybe it was something I did wrong. I don't know. I do know that I'm not a big fan of this 2 in 1. I like it as a detergent, but not so much as a stain fighter.
The smell is great and my other clothes got really clean, but it just didn't pass my test.

But I want you to try it for yourself. Maybe it will pass your test. Go to now and get your free sample of Purex Complete with Zout.

Nikki Darlin'

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