Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Days of Me Challenge : Day 1

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself 

  1. I have one daughter ans that's all for me. 
  2. I had a high rick pregnancy. 
  3. I'm only 21.
  4. I love shows like Teen Mom, Pretty Little Lairs, and Secret Life.
  5. I went to college to work in Medical Billing and Coding.
  6. I like watching shows like Dora and Barney with my daughter, it brings back childhood memories. 
  7. I never leave the house without make-up.
  8. My husband and I do just about everything together, yes we are still newly weds.
  9. I met my husband through a drunk dial from his cousin. 
  10. I'm addicted to Facebook games. 
  11. My favorite color is pink, if it's pink I like it. 
  12. I hate for my feet to be dirty. 
  13. I was born and raised on the south and proud to be a Southern Belle.
  14. I bit my nails no matter what I do to stop. 
  15. I started blogging because of my poetry and it just turned into a mommy blog.


Bevin @ said...

I love teen mom and secret life too. I can't wait till they come back.
And I know the nail biting thing, I was only able to stop recently when I got braces because I physically can't bite them anymore.
Haha, we have a lot in common.

stash mama said...

OMG we are so alike!!! lol had no idea! I'm 21 too! I love Pretty Little Liars, and my daughter loves dora....

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