Sunday, February 6, 2011

Target Coupon Drama

A few days ago to saw that Target was offering coupons on their website. I got super excited and printed just about all of them out. I had my list ready and I knew what I was going in to get and I was ready.
I got my $40 worth of food and I had my $10 worth on coupons in hand when the hubs, me, and the little mess got up to the counter.
Food scanned, coupons handed in, and BAM!!!!! NOPE THESE COUPONS DON'T WORK!!!!!
The manager was called over because the coupon wasn't scanning. I went on about how I got them off their web site and they should work. The very rude manager went on about how they "looked" photo copied. REALLY!!!! Photo copied. I don't care so much a coupon that I would photo copy them. Really is wasn't like a get anything free coupon! I asked if they could be keyed in. Like most stores would do if something wouldn't scan and the manager told me no.
It's been such a busy day that I didn't feel like fighting with this very rude, and ugly I may say, manager woman. The hubs paid the $40 for our way too over priced food and we left. If  I would have been in the mood for it. I would have fought until I was blue in the face with this lady. But being that it is Super Bowl Sunday and we got people coming over, I was in a hurry.



Jet-Setting Divas said...

WOW--photo copied??? Really? They shouldn't post the coupons on the internet then! Target is too expensive--they need coupons.

Ashley said...

I feel like Target has had terrible customer service lately.

Dawn said...

I have always disliked Target! Too expensive and not customer friendly.

Brandi said...

You are not the only one who has suffered from that! The manager at our Target tried to brush it off as poor site to system integration... It took 2 minutes after talking to the manager to get it fixed. It just takes someone who actually gives a damn about customer service to stop and help the customer. I mean really? Why would you need to photocopy the coupons if they're online!!

Every Day Products & More said...

Hello newest follower from MBC

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