Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 Times Not a Charm

Yesterday was a battle. A battle to the breaking point. Skylee went to the corner three times. Yes count them 1...2...3.
I started putting her in the corner when she did something bad. I will tell her why she is going to the corner and for how long. I would make her set in the corner for one minute. I'm going by her age for the time limit. It seemed to work.
But yesterday was a different story. She just isn't listening, at all. She was messing with the dog's bowl, I tell her no no and she just looks at me and keeps going. She would open a cabinet, I would tell her no no shut it, she just looks at me again and keeping doing it. I think she inherited her daddy's selective hearing.
I'm so scared she might have hit her terrible two's at 17 months. Lord help me.
I don't know what else to do to show her that she's doing something wrong. I pop her hand and put her in the corner. Okay and before you start jumping down my throat for popping her hand, I don't do it hard, she doesn't even cry when I do it.
Is 17 months old too young to start taking things away, like her favorite toy? I'm running a little low on ideas.



Heather @ Girl Gone Mom said...

I always threaten that it's bed or naptime. Sometimes it works...sometimes notsomuch.

Ashley said...

I know so many moms who have gone through this same thing at this age. It's a total phase, and it will pass, I promise! Just be consistent. She's just testing you and her world. They also have no impulse control so even though she may want to listen, that dog food is just too tempting! I always try to remember how my kids think, it helps me not lose my shit. haha Hang in there girl!

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