Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flash Cards

I made Skylee some flash cards for her homeschooling lesson. I really think she'll like them. This is a way cheaper way to get flash cards. Some toddler flash cards are crazy high in price. But these were made with things I already had around the house.

To Make your own flash cards:

I just googled pictures of the things I wanted, in this case body parts.
Printed them out
cut and pasted onto construction paper
and labeled.

Skylee already knows three body parts: Head, Belly, and Nose.


I Heart Maternity said...

Came over for the Lady Blogger tea party.

Undeserving Grace said...

My daughter is almost 6 she's learning sight words so I too was finding myself making similar flashcards but I found a book at the dollar store that had over 200 nouns (words and pictures on each card) for flashcards you just had to cut the dotted lines. Saved me mucho time and was easier for only a $ following from the blog hop..join me at undeserving grace when you get the chance!

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