Friday, January 21, 2011

Fawk You Friday

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Well I start off by saying:

Fawk you girly crap that we must have every month.

Fawk you girly stuff that was kinda late this week and scaring the crap out of me. But thank you for coming anf letting me know I'm not preggos.

Fawk you fighting with my husband. I hate it but I know I caused it this time.
And along that line
Fawk you mouth that just won't stop going when it needs too.

Fawk you high cable bill!
Fawk all you bills!!!!

Fawk my hurting abs from me trying to do some ab yoga. Not good. I sucked. Couldn't even last the whole ten mins.

I guess I'm done for today. I'll bottle up some more for next week.


Ashley said...

Ha! Yay for Gorky time coming even tho it sucks ass.

Ashley said...

Oops stupid spell check changed girly on me. ;)

Mad Mind said...

I have predictive text on my phone and it can be irritating. You should see what I send for texts sometimes.

And it goes without saying that bills just suck!

Anonymous said...

You're gonna hate me...but I don't have to do the girly crap anymore. The ONLY advantage to my recent hysterectomy!

My mouth is also guilty of running when it should just shut up. Woman up and apologize..blame it on hormones!

My elec. bill was $400 this month..gah!


Cara said...

Bills suck majorly...makes me sick sometimes when we get an electricity bill in.

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