Friday, January 14, 2011

Fawk You Friday, 1st of 2011

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WOW! I'm so happy to have my Fawk You Fridays back.

Fawk you ice on my stupid front porch steps. I will salt you!!!! I'm done falling down you. I have fell down you too many times for one year because of these stupid ice. My back can't handle hitting you again.

Fawk you ice on the roads!!!!! You scare me. My husband has to go to work and drive back after dark, that scares me. GO AWAY!!!

Fawk you city who took too long to clear the streets after the snow/ice storm. I know we live in the south and we don't think will happen, but it did! It snowed last year all crazy like, so you should have known it might happen again. So get your shit straight and next year be prepared!!!!

Fawk you ice that is STILL everywhere. I'm cold, I don't like to be cold, so leave!

I guess I'm done. As you see this Friday was just winter weather related. Everything else seems to be going good. See ya next Friday for more bitchin'.

Nikki Darlin'


Anonymous said...

This weather BLOWS, right? We should just move..somewhere tropical where it's acceptable to drink 'round the clock! You in?

NikkiDarlin' said...

SO IN!!!!!!!!!

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