Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Battle at Nap Time Hill

As I set looking for coupons and blogging this, I hear my little one crying her eyes out like mommy doesn't love her anymore.
The deal is, it's nap time. Nap times are mostly good with us. Then she has her days. Days where she'll play in her bed until she gets mad then throws everything in her bed out upon the floor in a mad yelling match. I'll go in, pick her pillow up and lay her back down in the bed and tuck her back in. Some days I wanna tie her to the bed and make her lay down, but I resist the urge.
She'll cry and I'll try to not hear her, because it still breaks my heart to her the tears. But mommy knows best and right now a nap is for the best.
She'll thank me one day. LOL who am I trying to fool. She'll grow up thinking that mommy was the mean lady who just wanted her to sleep all the time. She'll never understand until she's a mommy, which I'm hoping will be later than sooner.
Until then I set here my heart break and cries in her crib thinking bad mommy.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

My son has spent countless hours crying in his crib! Luckily Mia is a better sleeper. It's so hard!

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