Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year in Review 2010

So everyone else is doing it. That's my reasoning.


. I started off the year living with my parents. Me and Skylee sharing a room.

. My husband at the time had been deployment for 10 months

. In January I almost lost my marriage.

. In February We bought our 1st home, well my husband was still deployed.

. March my Husband came home. We stayed at Fort Stewart Ga for 2 weeks. Skylee got to see the Ocean for the 1st time.

. Lost a close friend because she stabbed me in the back. Thought I made another close friend then she just stopped talking to me.

. April we came home. And Skylee had her 1st Easter.

. Bought a pug puppy named her Sookie ( yes after the True Blood )

. Me and Scotty had a 2 year anni from the tie we started dating.

. We had a lot of rough times in our marriage at this point and we were close to leaving each other.

. We traded in our SUV for a car because gas was crazy up.

. Took Skylee to the Georgia Aquarium to see fishes for the 1st time.

. July I turned 21, did nothing big just had some friends over.

. Stared blogging. Started off with just my poetry, now I'm a Mommy Blogger!!!

. We went to Mayhem Feast and I was in my 1st mosh pit ( HateBreed, I got a drum stick after pulling it out of like ten peoples hands.) Found out what dehydration felt like.

. Me and Scotty had our one year wedding anniversary.

. I lost my uncle ( He would be the 3rd person in the passed two years I have lost that was close to me.)

. Scotty started a new job and in as little as a few months has moved up to night shift manger and we're not so much worried about money. Thank God.

. Skylee and I got our 1st white Christmas, even if it was late.

It's been a hell of a year. A lot of good as come out of it and a lot of bad. I pray that next year will only bring us good. And will help us as a family grow closer together.

Nikki Darlin

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