Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas is Over and Only had one Melt Down

So Christmas came and went. Christmas Eve we went to the mall to find Scotty some shoes. Well after 3 hours of walking in the mall around a bunch of crazy people grabbing everything they could see. We left the mall with guess what .... two cups of coffee.
Then we went my parent's house for my mother's annual Christmas Eve get together. Had lots of fun. My parent's loaded us down with gifts. I got a pretty glass cake plate, some clothes, and one of those giant cup cake makers. Scotty got some clothes and tools and a razor. Skylee got everything under the sun. Her favorite from granny and papa is a her size shopping cart.
We got home and Scotty went next door and I played Santa. I got all the gifts put out and looking pretty. I ate "Santa's" cookies and even stuffed the stockings. After that I cleaned the whole house AGAIN! Then after my butt was gone from working                                                                                    ( Skylee loved the Christmas green cup cakes)
it off, I headed next door for wine cooler.
Christmas morning we got up and opened gifts. Skylee loved everything. She liked the bows on "Santa's" gifts the best. We even went out to the Waffle House and order breakfast so I wouldn't have to cook. I love my hubby. Got home and started the ham and started cleaning AGAIN!!
Here's where my melt down comes in. I told everyone to be at our house around 3pm. Tell me why Scotty's parents show up at 12pm. Skylee is only half dressed, I had on no make-up, and the ham so no where near being done. I see their car pull up I run off into the bathroom to slap some make-up. The time yelling at Scotty about his lack of control with his family. I was so pissed I was turning red. Why ask what time they need to be here, if no one listens. Why do I try to plan anything if no one follows the plans. This happened Thanksgiving too. It's crazy how this people just think they can show up whenever. So there went my relaxation time. But I got over it and went on with the day.
We ate dinner and opened gifts and talked about how Scotty and his brother Billy talk and do stuff in their sleep. The kids played and ran around. Then it started snowing.
In Georgia I have never in my 21 years had a white Christmas. It started late but still. It got to coming down pretty hard about 9pm. I got Skylee up and throw on her snow suit and we went and      played. She had a ball, literally. She has a snow ball walking around eating it.    
All and all it was a wonderful Christmas.
And thank God my hubby was home this year to enjoy it with his family and daughter, this was his 1st year have Christmas with his Skylee. It was perfect.


mZ E said...

Thats kewl you guyz had a Beautiful Christmas. Planning something can be overwhelming when ppl don't go according to plan, but it was just family (why the makeup?) Anywho, its about Christ & Jesus and from the looks of your pics you accomplished doing just that, so don't let the lil thingz give you early gray hair! *smile*
Many Blessings to your & yourz for a Safe & Happy New Year!
Stay Blessed..

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

The pictures look amazing. So glad you guys had a great Christmas. Going to the mall on Christmas Eve, oh no! At least you were able to leave with coffee... it's always complete madness in there!

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