Sunday, November 28, 2010

Touchy Little Fingers.

Gosh this gets on my nerves so bad. Our daughter thinks she has the right to touch everything. She wants to touch the buttons on the side of my laptop, the tv, my hair, other people in the store that get close to her. It's okay to a point. I know she's just curious and wants to learn, but when it comes to the point where I'm telling her to stop touching that a million in one times a day, it starts to work on my nerves.
Just today I was putting up her clean clothes, and I know she just just trying to help, but she would pull out some clothes out and through them on the floor. Over and over again I will ask her to stop, that mommy is trying to put up her clothes so she won't go naked. Then she spots the blanky. It's all over then, she's one tracked mind, "give me blanky".
I know this sticky fingerness lasts for a while. So I'm trying to stay calm and teach her whats good to touch and whats not. Like you can touch your toys, but don't touch the stove type things.

This picture is from around may/june, when she learned to pull herself up and stand. She crawled over the the freg when I was cooking and when straight for the soda. She thought she hit the jackpot!
I guess I should get used to the sticky fingers right?

Nikki Darlin'


JoJo said...

She is too cute!!

Jet-Setting Divas said...

awww that is too cute--but once they start walking thats when the trouble begins!

Ashley said...

We're in the same stage, it's impossible!

NikkiDarlin' said...

she's walking vey good now and into everything.

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