Friday, November 12, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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Fawk you runny nose! I'm running out of TP and the hubby doesn't get home for another like 6 hours. You are going to force me to use Skylee's wipes when I go potty.

Fawk you sickness going through my house! First you attack my hubby, now me. I just know my little baby girl is going to be feeling like crap next. She already has a runny nose.

Fawk you random bugs I keep seeing. I'm running out of bug spray because I'm trying to drown you in the spray.

Fawk you dirty car that my husband won't get cleaned. So all my cups end up in the back seat. GRRR!

Fawk you dirty house I didn't clean yesterday because of me being sick. I don't even wanna look at you today. You might now get cleaned today either.

Fawk you hubby's dirty work clothes. I know you're setting on top of the washing waiting for me. I hate touching you because you make my hands dirty. Go wash yourself!

Ok I feel better now. I love Fawk You Fridays. Thanks Boobies!

Nikki Darlin'


Christy said...

I second the Fawk You for being sick. It really does suck. I especially second the Fawk You for laundry. It is the bane of my existence.

Ladii Aponte said...

lol fuck bugspray when ever i see a bug the spray is nowhere to be found so instead i grab the closes thing to me, lysol, airfreshner, Hairspray! lol hairspray works best! never use that clorox crap that is safe on all surfaces i sprayed it on a roach once in my old apt nd the damn thing played dead as i walked to get a tissue so i could flush the bitch it had run off! and i second the fawk you dirty clothes ok never mind ill 3rd it lol UGh what i would give to be samantha stevens or jeanie! lol great fuck yous babe!

Ladii ❤ Aponte

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