Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zombie Cake [ Guest Blogger ]

Guest post written by Heather Williams

I think it was fate that my son's birthday lands during the week of Halloween. He thinks it's the greatest thing in the world because he's so obsessed with scary stuff and creepy things. So the theme of his birthdays is always closely related to Halloween.
This year he wants a zombie themed party so I decided that I'll be a cool mom and throw one for him. But I'm not letting him go too gross with it. I foudn a great idea with my clear internet for a cake recipe that I'm going to make for it. I thought about buying little zombie figurines and sticking them on top of it but I decided to just go all out and cut a sheet cake into the shape of a zombie's head and just make it into a really goofy zombie looking face.
Now, I'm not going to go too gross with it or else I wouldn't be able to eat it. But I think that I'm going to make it red velvet to add to the slight gross out factor.

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