Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Little Zombie for Halloween [ Guest Blogger ]

Guest post written by Erin Morris

Like a lot of little boys, my son loves a lot of creepy crawly, gross things. So it nnly makes sense that he's absolutely obsessed with zombies. I'm totally disgusted by them, which I think is another reason hat he loves them. Now he wants to be one for Halloween.

I don't know a whole lot abotu zombies because I make it a point to avoid scary and gross things. So to educate myself on them I used my ClearTVBundle to get some inspiration for his costume from some pictures and movie clips. And oh, do I have a lot of ideas now.

I'm going to go and buy some cheap special effects makeup to paitn his face and make it look all green and sickly. But the clothes are gogni to be pretty easy. We're just going to take some old clothes and rip them up a little bit and put some brown paint on them to look like mud, like he crawled out of the ground or something. But, my favorite part of my zombie costume idea is to mess up his hair and then put gummy worms in his hair. I think it will end up being cute but I'll tell him he looks scary.

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