Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Repair Pal.com

Okay ladies, we all have cars and not all our husbands can work on them for us. So here's a site where you can find a shop, hear from experts, and track your service. If you're in the Phoenix area check out this page for auto shops near you http://repairpal.com/phoenix-auto-repair. These site comes with Google map and also lets you know what your repairs should cost.

The site also offers car info. For example information like recalls and ratings on lets say a 2001 Ford Escort, 2001 Ford Escort info. So if you're out car shopping you can stop by Repairpal.com and see different ratings on cars you are looking for. You can also see Q&A from other users of the site and see what they think about the car.
RepairPal.com also has a cool feature of a auto repair encyclopedia. Wondering about your timing belt check this page, part of the auto repair encyclopedia timing-belt-replacement . If not your timing belt, how about your water pump? Here's a link to water pump replacement, water-pump-replacement.
I find this site super helpful. The next time my car needs a repair this will be the 1st site I visit for information about car repair and shops in my area.

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