Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Review Wizards and Gomez

Hey Loves. Sorry no updates yesterday had a lot going on. Stuff like fighting with a cable company, forgetting my cup of tea on the coffee table and having  toddler find it and pour it all over the living room rug. She also poured milk from her sippy cup in the floor and tried to swim in it. LOL! So with all that said I had my hands full.
      There is now a new review up on my review page. A review about Wizard 101 now featuring Selena Gomez!

On another note I'm on the last section of my medial billing course. I'm asking for an extension now and seeing how that goes. I'm also still working on my poetry book, right now being titled " From the Dark came Love."
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Nikki Darlin'

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