Monday, September 13, 2010

3rd Place

Well I'm sad I didn't get to watch True Blood last night due to a family get together running a little long and a super sleepy Hubby. But drill weekend is over and the family is taken care of, so TONIGHT is True Blood night! I'm so excited. I love that show so much! I ordered HBO just for True Blood.

On a good note, I won third place in a poetry contest on AllPoetry. I was thrilled to see that i won. Totally brighten up my day. I husband is always telling me that I'm a great writer, but I'm like yea right you're saying that cause you have to. But seeing that i won a contest (yes I know it was 3rd place, but I'm happy about it.) was the convince buster I needed.
Check out the Poetry page to see what poem won me third place.

Hope everyone has a good day. If you're in Georgia, hope you're enjoying the weather. I might be taking my daughter and puppy outside later.
Kisses XOXO

Nikki Darlin.

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