Monday, December 6, 2010

Coupon Adventures!

Hi Loves, I am now embarking on a Coupon Adventure. I am going to learn to use this things and you're going along for the ride.
I have always wanted to be super great at couponing. But my mother wasn't good at it, so I never learned. I try though, I get coupons and I'll post them on the freg so use when we go shopping. Too bad most those coupons never get used.
I ran across this site in a hunt for how to's couponing., This couponing 101 goes on and tells you everything. So Free Mania's Couponing 101 is now my guide to couponing.
sunday-paper-couponsI'll be posting coupons that I find, so I can pass on the savings. There will also be a page where I'll bookmark all the coupons for you.
Hope you are all welling to take on this challenge with me. And if your a crazy couponing lady I would hope you help me out so I can be a crazy coupon lady too.

Nikki Darlin'

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Every Mom Has Her Day said...

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